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my first blog post, ever

a glimpse of my vision for sycamore trees

my name is jon michael ogletree, and i'm the founder of sycamore trees. i am a certified public accountant, a college professor, a chief financial officer, a professional pianist, a youtuber, a world-traveler, whatever the opposite of a chef is, and now... a blogger! i've been given a great story to tell, and it's time that my story is told. i'm not alone though. other little people have even more amazing stories than i do, and this is also a platform for their stories to be heard.

you've probably noticed by now that nothing in this post (so far) has been capitalized. in fact, you will see very few tall (upper-case) letters here. you see, using all little (lower-case) letters may be unconventional, but you can still read what i'm typing. after a few sentences, the difference is less and less noticeable. just as little letters can form the same words as tall letters, little people can do just about anything tall people can. (except for the ridiculous examples you're probably thinking of right now #sumowrestler #nflquarterback #nbaplayer #painterwithoutaladder)

so why blogging? wasn't that cool more than 20 years ago? well...i tried to write a book a few years ago, but there was a huge problem. i don't read books, and i'm not skilled at writing them either, because frankly, i think i've only read two my entire life. when i began writing about my life, the content was just boring. it then dawned on me. i've left out the main character. i'm not the main character of my own story. Jesus is. (there it is. the first tall letter. He is the only One who will be capitalized in this post, because He is worthy of all things, including capitalization.)

“i'm not the main character of my own story. Jesus is.”

some of you are nervous right now, because of the little letters thing. you still aren't used to it and are worried you'll never get there. some of you are nervous because three paragraphs in, the blog took a religious turn. rest assured, this organization has something for you. if you're tall, you'll learn a lot about the small. if you're small, you'll have a new platform to educate the tall. if you don't believe in Jesus, then at the very least, hopefully you'll gain a new perspective of those who do.

as i wrap up my first post, i must admit that i have no clue what i'm doing, but i'm eager to learn. i'm excited about what the future holds for this organization, and i'm committed to enriching all of our lives, tall or small. i am very much looking forward to posting more and incorporating any helpful feedback you all have, so that together, we can #equip, #educate and #encourage one another.

be encouraged, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with us!

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