Tree Lined Path

about us

There is a story about a certain sycamore tree that has been passed down through the ages. In this story, a traveling teacher, wonder-worker, and very much more, encounters a man named Zacchaeus in the village of Jericho. Two things about Zacchaeus were of note: He was a person "short in stature" and he wanted to climb high, into a sycamore tree, because he needed to see. 


This wonder-working teacher then saw Zacchaeus, invited himself to dine at his house and then ultimately transformed his life. In other words, all kinds of things are possible when you look at the world from a new perspective. You never know, quite frankly, what kinds of things you might see.


Sycamore trees is an organization devoted to helping little people find a new vantage point in life, to help them climb their own sycamore tree, in their own way, that they might be changed and that they might change others.

equipping the small

through offering resources to alleviate the unique burdens of living life as a little person

educating the tall

through educational videos, posts, and live talks

encouraging all

through encouraging videos, posts, and live talks

our board

Jon Michael Ogletree - Founder

Justin Mize - Co-founder

Brad Munson - Co-founder